Kazidomi & Shippr: how Covid-19 tested and validated this new online organic shop concept

"We had a target of doubling deliveries over six months, we doubled them in one weekend with Shippr"
At the heart of the delivery profession

In these uncertain, confined, stressed or stressful times, our buying and consumption patterns are being turned upside down. We want to boost our immune systems, avoid going to the shops, and consume more locally. And in France as well as in Belgium and abroad, our local online shops are equipping themselves with home deliveries. They manage to surpass the big supermarket chains in terms of service and convenience, so we marvel at that.

So we went to meet Kazidomi, the online grocery shop. Thomas Huberland, logistics manager and Amandine Deffrennes, head of partnerships, answered our questions.

How was Kazidomi created?

The Kazidomi story started a few years ago with Emna Evrard, its founder. Her father being a nutritionist, she was brought up to pay attention to products, labels, and their composition. Her dream was always to open a shop where you could find healthy food easily, almost by closing your eyes. From this and from her final thesis, the Kazidomi concept was born: an online grocery shop, as an extension of the organic shop.

What makes Kazidomi different from other online players?

Customers can benefit from an annual subscription (60€/year instead of 80€/year with the code HELLOSUMMER) giving them access to preferential prices, up to -50% discount on the whole site. Healthy, organic and dietetic products are thus offered at unbeatable prices, within the reach of all pockets.

Who are Kazidomi's enthusiastic customers?

Sportsmen and women, organic families, fit-girls, a well-informed public that consumes and wants healthy products that are not necessarily found in the organic section of most supermarkets. Kazidomi brings together all these products in one platform that would almost require an afternoon of shopping! And much more 😉

Kazidomi is also about the Kazifamily: We go beyond the online grocery shop, we offer recipes on the blog, tips, and we are always looking for innovative products for our followers. You won't find fresh vegetables or products, but hundreds of ideas! Kazidomi is all about health.

What about Kazidomi in the context of Covid-19?

New customers came in either because they wanted home delivery or because their usual shops were out of stock. The curious had the possibility to order without membership, which allowed many of them to discover Kazidomi and to subscribe later on, becoming regular customers. We have seen an awareness to rethink the way of living and consuming during this Covid-19 period. Healthy eating was really on the agenda.

How does Kazidomi position itself among the other players and for the next few years?

We sell both dietary supplements and innovative food products. We communicate to help our customers to take care of their health: everyone lacks magnesium, so we can recommend taking care of it and explain different solutions, without falling into the food supplement 365 days a year. Taking care of your health can be fun and innovative! Kazidomi was conceived as an actor of change for health.

We already serve France, Belgium, Switzerland, Dom-Tom and continue our expansion rather like a movement without borders.

Working with Shippr

For each sorting centre, it is as if the parcels were dropped from a height of 2 metres

You have to imagine that before April 2020 all parcels went through a classic postal routing. For each sorting centre, it is as if the parcels were dropped from a height of 2 metres. When you send pairs of shoes, it's less of a problem than glass bottles, it's a fact that you can't change. So all the parcels were adapted for this, drastically increasing the handling and packaging and therefore the cost per parcel and per order. If a parcel goes through a sorting centre, or even 2 or 3 depending on the destination, and then a driver to get the parcel to its final destination, this takes time, the risk of breakage increases and tracking is complex.

“We turned to Shippr for a faster, greener and clearer solution for our customers”

Faster: same-day delivery also offered to customers who ordered at 10am, who are delivered the same evening (no more lost packages and long delivery times in the middle of Covid-19!)

More ecological: a single route from the Kazidomi warehouse to the end customer: no more trips to the sorting centre, no more trips to deliver the package to the home, and no more packaging to limit the risk of breakage! With Shippr, this process is short and optimal. Another advantage in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis is that the postal services had huge delays, whereas Shippr manages same-day delivery.

Clearer for the customer: Shippr offers a real-time tracking system for delivery personnel, as well as notifications to customers of the imminent delivery of their packages.

In a few months with Shippr, we have already made several optimizations

In a few months with Shippr, we have already made several optimizations, especially in the communication with the customers. Two months ago, the majority of recipients were at home when the delivery was made. Now they are not, so we have to deal with the fact that customers can be either in the office or at home since the time slot is 4-8 PM. So the customer can choose the transport solution they prefer. It is new for the customer to be able to be delivered 7 days a week. If he orders on Friday morning, he can receive his order on Friday evening and not only on Monday or Tuesday. For the Kazidomi service, same day delivery is a real plus that we offer!

Any advice?

With Shippr, we have reduced the packaging costs for regional distribution to a minimum

For the rest of the parcels, it's a daily job, how can we pack better? Packaging pollutes, is only used at the time of transport and the customer fills up his dustbin with the cardboard directly when the parcel arrives, which is not satisfactory either. We are therefore developing different packaging systems, such as cross-bars for bottles or small crates. We are constantly investing and looking for ways to be more efficient and economical, because that also means being environmentally friendly.

We'll now let you discover their superb range and their blog full of good recipes and advice!

Many thanks to Thomas and Amandine for sharing this Kazidomi experience!