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With the rise of e-commerce, items originally sent per dozens from distribution centers now have to be shipped one by one from stores. "Shipping-from-store" maximises efficiency and creates a great customer brand experience through delivery. It can be responsible for retaining customers when well done, but it can also be a nighmare if not well managed. Shipping from store can be a hassle in terms of store organisation: fragile packaging, wrong item to client, high delivery costs, etc.

You need new rules & new strategies

How does your team sync & organise itself to juggle between online orders preparation and the presence in the shop to advise and take care of shoppers? You need to train associates as well as scan or enable inventory visibility and accuracy between your storage, your shop, your e-shop sales and your click-and-collect sales. You need to be ready when couriers come at a precise time to pick up your parcels avoiding fees for waiting time.

Ship from store, more and more

The increase in shops equipping themselves for shipping from store during the Covid-19 crisis is overwhelming. Which packaging? Which inventory checking system? Which delivery services? This channel has become a must to stay competitive and get a complementary revenue stream in this tough times.

Let's have a look at how the quality of packaging increases the customer experience. Attention to details makes your relationship with your customer stronger. And the delivery experience plays a big part of it. Even more, customers want the same price than they would have in the sho.

how do you optimise your operations and deliveries to propose that experience? Let's make deliveries efficient.

How does Shippr delivery technology will support you for shipping from your store?

Be autonomous

You get your personal delivery dashboard. Either you fill in the details of your delivery(ies) or you upload a list of deliveries. After that, we take care of the rest. You can focus on preparing the orders. And if you have still questions, our team is available 7/7 to assist. Thanks to Shippr logistics platform operating 24/7.

Chosen by your customer

You or your customer can choose the type of delivery you prefer: express delivery, next-day delivery or Sunday delivery, select the options you want to offer to your customer.

Externalise 100% of delivery management

You don't need to manage deliveries, Shippr does it for you. The dashboard is intuitive and simple to order deliveries only within a few clicks. Then you and your customer can follow your courier in real-time. No hassle. Thanks to Shippr delivery management dashboard.

Let your clients follow their delivery real-time

Finally the same feature as Uber but for professional parcel deliveries!!! Yes! You and your client get all delivery details available real-time. Thanks to Shippr notifications & live tracking technology.

Ship direct from shop to customer

Shippr couriers go straight from your store to your customer(s). Same-day deliveries are the norm. Deliveries are optimised thanks to Shippr VRP technology so you get the most efficient service at any time.

A customer experience that continues

Logistics is a sector with unpredictable events. We offer excellence with our professional couriers but also have a backup team following all operations, solving problems in a proactive way in real time. That's the most valuable Shippr feature!


The above technology is optimising urban deliveries to make them more sustainable. New features are continuously developed to increase sustainability: diminishing the impact of deliveries both on your side as sender and on the logistics partner side with couriers. You can choose a sustainable fleet like cargo-bike or combine customer returns to recurring delivery rounds and many more options. Shippr is committed to achieving the highest sustainability standards possible in the coming years. Discover more on Shippr's sustainability.

Optimise your Ship-from-store deliveries with Shippr

  1. Connect to the dashboard

    On web or on mobile, from anywhere.

  2. Set your destination(s) all in one click

    Choose the size of parcel(s) + type (refrigerated, fragile, express...). Modify it as needed.

  3. Confirm your delivery

    The algorithms are optimising the routes & couriers for you.

  4. Track & Trace

    Follow your delivery real-time, know exactly where your courier is, share delivery details with your client via sms or email. Receive your delivery proof on your dashboard.

Shippr dashboard for Ship-from-store delivery
Carrefour + Shippr
Monceau fleurs + Shippr
Kazidomi + Shippr
eFarmz + Shippr
Brussels Beer Project + Shippr

Ship-from-store delivery becomes a win

Check your return on investment

  • No freight, no plane, only direct courses.
  • Get rid of courier hassles - Shippr takes care of it.
  • Schedule your delivery to meet your business needs, choose express, same-day, next-day...
  • Automate recurring deliveries.
  • Get personalised pricing.
Ship-from-store delivery customer success

Your turn
to get perfect deliveries!

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