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Let's begin by remembering what became a romantic scene: A postcard with the returnable tray and bottles of milk in the British countryside... Less than a decade ago, home delivery of milk and other dairy products at your doorstep included a reverse flow of goods. These home deliveries though almost disappeared after drivers were obliged to do more and more miles amidst the rise of supermarkets...

Sustainability concerns make reverse logistics a hot topic

Today, home delivery is rising and reverse logistics, the reverse flow of goods, is more important than ever. Customer returns will reshape supply chains in the near future but let's focus now on return logistics.

Either the courier delivers a parcel and collects at the same moment a return; returnable items to be re-filled or washed or packaging to be re-used, or valuable goods of a subscription (clothes, books, ...) or a e-commerce return. This last one is not always ready or immediate and a collection of returns can happen a few weeks after when the customer is ready. Managing customer returns collection delivery is the first step.

Make customers happy with returns

You remember having once filled up a paper return form and called to organise a return? Now the customer gets his return sticker pre-printed in the parcel, and just drops the return parcel at a collection point or gets it picked up by a courier.
The return windows are increasing (example with Covid-19 time) and flexibility is always in demand. Well-managed returns will help you retain customer loyalty, build trust and finish the customer experience with great satisfaction. So how are you going to manage returns and returns delivery?

Customers expect a hassle-free return process as well as free returns.

How does Shippr delivery technology will support your return operations?

Simple order

Enter the "return option" in your delivery dashboard. Type destination, volume, type and timing and we take care of the rest. And if there are questions left, our team is behind the hotline. Thanks to Shippr automated logistics platform operating 24/7.

On-demand returns or returns rounds

Get the best optimised routes including last-minute changes - with no manual operations involved using the Shippr platform. You can choose for recurring and automatic returns for deliveries. You can also order returns on demand or in specific rounds. Thanks to Shippr delivery management dashboard.

Custom pricing

Not sure how to optimise your returns? Do you want to maximise your returns operations? Focus on solely doing your business while Shippr manages your deliveries. Custom and evolving pricing. Thanks to Shippr logistics marketplace.

Externalise 100%

You don't need to manage the return deliveries, Shippr does it for you. The dashboard is intuitive and simple to choose returns in one click. No hassle. Thanks to Shippr delivery management dashboard.

Real-time tracking of the delivery

You and your customer get real-time visibility on the delivery at all time. The Uber-like live tracking is just a must in our new decennia. Thanks to Shippr notifications & live tracking technology.

Hassle-free customer experience

Do you need something extra or special in regards to your delivery? The Shippr team is on call 7/7 following up on every delivery. Shippr's team is proactive and can solve 99% of challenges in real time. With us on your side, the best team is on your board!

Optimise your customer returns delivery with Shippr

  1. Connect to the dashboard

    On web or on mobile, from anywhere.

  2. Set your destination(s) all in one click

    Choose the size of parcel(s) + type (refrigerated, fragile, express...). Modify it as needed.

  3. Confirm your delivery

    The algorithms are optimising the routes & couriers for you.

  4. Track & Trace

    Follow your delivery real-time, know exactly where your courier is, share delivery details with your client via sms or email. Receive your delivery proof on your dashboard.

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Customer returns delivery becomes a win

That's what you get:

  • No freight, no plane, only direct courses.
  • Get rid of courier hassles - Shippr takes care of it.
  • Schedule your delivery to meet your business needs, choose express, same-day, next-day...
  • Automate recurring deliveries.
  • Get personalised pricing.
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