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On-demand delivery

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Remember buying those Nike shoes: you could customise everything. Choose the color of the vamp, the tip, the tongue, the quarter, the foxing, the sole, the lacing... Imagine now you are buying any item on the internet and it's time to choose your delivery. And you can now custom your delivery to make it convenient: schedule the delivery, alternate address, neighbor or holidays option, with perfect sms automated communication informing you about your parcel's journey to you.

Delivery customisation is no longer optional - customers expect options!

The perfect way to end a customer journey after an online shopping experience: on-demand delivery.
Logistics market leaders are champions in it and put standards very high for the whole logistics industry.

Is delivery flexibility affordable?

What do you want to offer in the era of click&collect, same-day delivery, at-your-door in 24h? On-demand deliveries constitute a competitive advantage for your business. If you are able to pack within minutes, order deliveries within seconds, having them delivered within hours, it's a win. Sync your online shopping with your operations and deliveries. Purchase process is sped up, personalised yet automated online while your stores are all about product and brand experience.

Get professional deliveries to make your goods move in a safe, efficient and satisfactory way to your customers.

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