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Logistics to serve our cities

Last-mile delivery

The last miles
that matter the most

One parcel. Going from Milan to Brussels by truck or plane. The last miles or kilometers are the ones between the warehouse outside the city to the doorstep of the customer. That's a Last-Mile Delivery.

They demand the most agility, they are the most complex

Even they are the very last Even though they are the very last miles of the logistics journey, they are the trickiest. On top of that, last-miles deliveries constitute 20 to 30% of the emissions of total urban traffic emissions, doomed to escalate with the growing volume of commerce & e-commerce parcels to be delivered daily in urban areas, and that before Covid-19.

The delivery that pleases your customers

Though last-mile deliveries are a major challenge for smart cities, it remains a top priority for your customers. Same-day or next-day delivery has become the new norm, Covid-19 is pushing local businesses to deliver - Shippr can meet all of your last-mile delivery needs. Whether its food, retail, pharmaceutical and beyond, you will want to partner for all of your delivery and logistics needs.

We can make sure you have happy customers and keep them!

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The technology behind last-mile delivery

Delivery on-demand & flexible

Shippr clients adapt last-mile deliveries to their customer or business and find creative solution for delivery challenges. Delivery options include: express delivery, night delivery, returns, off peak hours... Shippr logistics platform operates 24/7.

Growing your business

Let us help your business soar! Shippr logisitics partners network will extend with you. You can focus solely on your core business and we will handle your volumes. Thanks to Shippr logistics marketplace.

Let's go for seamless logistics

Optimise or externalise your deliveries: lower your logistics costs & manual operations, gain time & enjoy no hassle logistics. Thanks to Shippr route planning software technology.

All delivery details available live

Get delivery details in real time so that you can share them with your customer. Thanks to Shippr notifications and live tracking technology. Real-time delivery tracking has become the norm - don't lag behind your competition!

Take your logistics out of your mind

You get your same-day deliveries in one go from your picking point to your clients. Either you book for today, tomorrow or in one week or month, the delivery happens the D-Day with Shippr. No warehouse & storage. Thanks to Shippr same-day delivery management technology.

Measure, learn & do logistics better

Improve your logistics in real time with our operational expert team and your personal account manager. Discuss business metrics that matter to you. Thanks to Shippr analytics dashboard.


The above technology is optimising urban deliveries to make them more sustainable. New features are continuously developed to increase sustainability: diminishing the impact of deliveries both on your side as sender and on the logistics partner side with couriers. You can choose a sustainable fleet like cargo-bike or combine customer returns to recurring delivery rounds and many more options. Shippr is committed to achieving the highest sustainability standards possible in the coming years. Discover more on Shippr's sustainability.

Optimise your last-mile deliveries with Shippr

  1. Connect to the dashboard

    On web or on mobile, from anywhere.

  2. Set your destination(s) all in one click

    Choose the size of parcel(s) + type (refrigerated, fragile, express...). Modify it as needed.

  3. Confirm your delivery

    The algorithms are optimising the routes & couriers for you.

  4. Track & Trace

    Follow your delivery real-time, know exactly where your courier is, share delivery details with your client via sms or email. Receive your delivery proof on your dashboard. Repeat!
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That's what you get!

Calculate your return on investment

  • No freight, no plane, only direct courses.
  • Get rid of courier hassles - Shippr takes care of it.
  • Schedule your delivery to meet your business needs, choose express, same-day, next-day...
  • Automate recurring deliveries.
  • Get personalised pricing.
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Your turn
to get perfect deliveries!

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