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Express delivery

Express delivery? The clock is ticking. Go, go, go!

Does "express delivery" sound already stressful? Some items cannot wait. Even tomorrow is too late! At Shippr, express delivery means within the hour. It could be even faster. Your Shippr courier goes directly from the collection point to the final destination(s), without any intermediary. In record time! Lightweight express mail or express heavy package, it's the same. On your marks! Ready to go? Order now!

Express delivery: high-speed delivery

E-commerce giants made customers used to instant gratification: everything, immediately! What's more, consumers buy at any time: during the holidays, in the evening, ... There are no more limits. At a time when it is already difficult to keep up, personalisation is now at the heart of customer expectations. Whether you are a small or large company, online business competition is raging. How do you get out of this arena unharmed? By offering an express delivery service! A service that is still rare, but precious. Your customers will thank you.

With Shippr, you can offer your customers different delivery options: express, same-day, next day, on Thursday, ... But remember that speed is crucial in the online customer journey. In this digital era, express and same-day delivery will strongly influence the delivery experience more than by other interactions.

Express delivery even on Saturdays, Sundays - come rain or shine.

Do you want a minimum of worries in a minimum of time? Only a few clicks away from it! Order your delivery on Shippr and check at any time the progress of the courier. Even if express delivery is an exceptional service, Shippr makes it accessible to you. From the moment you need to ship the goods until they reach their final destination, express delivery is fast and simple. You pack, you order your delivery, you wait for the courier, you hand over your package and you get a delivery note at the end.

For any specific goods, technical items, medical products, sensitive documents, prints, valuable equipment, express delivery is the fast track to important services. You benefit from tailor-made deliveries and, if necessary, dedicated delivery courier. Today's new technology offers an excellent user experience, especially for urgent express delivery.

Ready to take advantage of this exceptional service?What are you waiting for? Go for it!

What makes Shippr's express deliveries the fastest?

Gain freedom

The delivery dashboard is simple, you fill up your delivery order yourself: enter the destination, volume, type and timing and we take care of the rest. And if you have questions, our team is standing by to help. The Shippr logistics platform is operating 24/7.

A wide range of solutions

Light or heavy, fragile or refrigerated, food or construction, Shippr offers many delivery services. Pick the one you need! You get assigned professional couriers for all types of express deliveries.

Outsource your logistic headaches

Can someone take care of all of your deliveries? Can 100% logistics hassle be outsourced? Yes, we can! Shippr technology provides a frictionless delivery process. Close your eyes and give your logistics to Shippr!

Delivery tracking available in real time

Where is my delivery? What happened with it? This era is done. Now you and you customer have real-time visibility on the delivery at all time. The Uber-like live tracking is just a must in our new decennia.

Get the most straight forward route to Rome

You want the most optimised itinerary for your delivery, whether it is one package or several and regardless of its destination. Shippr technology ensures you benefit from the best urban deliveries on the market. Go get it!

Our operational team fights the unpredictable

BEEP! A problem? A critical situation? Our operational team is alerted by our technology and resolves it immediately. This Shippr team is our little gem, being in constant contact with couriers and customers 7/7.

Get sustainable deliveries

Thanks to technology, Shippr is continuously developing new functionalities to reduce the logistical impact of your deliveries. Shippr is committed to achieving the best possible performance in terms of sustainability with eco-friendly solutions. Even with express delivery!

Set your express deliveries on fire with Shippr

  1. Connect to the dashboard

    On web or on mobile, from anywhere.

  2. Set your destination(s) all in one click

    Choose the size of parcel(s) + type (refrigerated, fragile, express...). Modify it as needed.

  3. Confirm your delivery

    The algorithms are optimising the routes & couriers for you.

  4. Track & Trace

    Follow your delivery real-time, know exactly where your courier is, share delivery details with your client via sms or email. Receive your delivery proof on your dashboard. Repeat!

Shippr dashboard for express delivery
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What changes for you

and your return on investment

  • No sorting center, no warehouse: all our deliveries go directly to you customers door.
  • We manage all types of goods : food, non-food, cold chain, ...
  • Keep control over your deliveries: you choose what, where and when.
  • Automate your recurring deliveries and focus on your business.
  • Get a fair price for both you and our couriers.
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