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Time to revolutionise your routes

How about automating your daily and weekly deliveries? Better be prepared to optimise your routes, getting the most sustainable and less pricy logistics, isn't it? But how do you that today as logistics is not your core business?

Shippr dashboard will become your best friend. Thanks to its simple, intuitive and efficient interface, plan and optimise your delivery rounds with a few clicks. No more hours of logistics management on your side, Shippr takes all of the hassle. We know how precious time is.

When the magic happens with logistics software

Very popular in the catering and fresh products sector, rounds serve daily a central kitchen and shops or are meticulously planned to deliver business lunches to companies on time. The construction sector is not lagging behind in having small equipment delivered to construction sites. Retailers and e-commerce operators must now equip themselves with the best tools to meet customer expectations and personalise their deliveries down to the smallest detail. Communication with notifications, e-mails, sms and absolut visibility with real-time tracking feature is key today.

A ton of destinations, a ton of parcels, different types and customer preferences, vehicle characteristics, fuel consumption, congestion, distances... Route planning optimisation software doesn't tell you anything? They are revolutionising logistics!

Opt for recurring deliveries with Shippr

What if these route optimisation software can revolutionise the way you work? Enter all your delivery information: all your collection points and destinations, and that's it! Technology does the rest. Rounds come out optimised, ready to be given to a courier. Constraints can vary weekly and no one is immune to last minute changes - don't panic, Shippr's platform handles it.

Dreaming of a good timing, regular hours, good courier management, good customer communication and always someone to answer the phone? Recurring delivery rounds satisfy your clients and partners: they can rely on you. And you, how do you organise your delivery rounds today?

There is a wide range of route optimisation software available on the market. But if you don't have the fleet, you need a courier service that works with the latest delivery technology. Contact us to know more!

Time to simplify your delivery rounds?Make it simple, efficient and sustainable!

How does Shippr's technology allow you to optimise your delivery rounds?

Give us your instructions

Tell your delivery dashboard what, where, how and when. Save your pick-up points and destinations. Let Shippr's technology plan and optimise your delivery rounds. Everything is automated! Yeah!

Smart and intuitive

For recurring delivery rounds, retrieve your usual destinations saved in your dashboard. You can make adjustments or last minute changes. Within a few seconds!

Always the best route

You always get the best route integrating all your constraints, calculating the most efficient way in terms of costs (fuel, kms) and time (traffic, distance). No manual operation on your part is necessary.

Track your delivery in real time

Get real-time tracking details on every delivery. Maximum transparency. Manage partner and customer expectations with delivery details available at all times. You no longer need to worry about tracking thanks to notifications and live tracking technology.

On-demand or last minute?

Grow your business with no limits! Shippr will always have enough couriers for you. Focus on your business while we manage your volumes.

Our customer service listens to you

Do you need anything more? Our operational team is available 7 days a week to track every delivery. We are proactive and solve 99% of the challenges we encounter. Best team on board!

What about sustainability in all this?

Thanks to technology, Shippr is continuously developing new functionalities to reduce the logistical impact of your deliveries. Shippr is committed to achieving the best possible performance in terms of sustainability with eco-friendly solutions. Especially for delivery rounds.

Optimise your delivery rounds with Shippr

  1. Connect to the dashboard

    On web or on mobile, from anywhere.

  2. Set your destination(s) all in one click

    Choose the size of parcel(s) + type (refrigerated, fragile, express...). Modify it as needed.

  3. Confirm your delivery

    The algorithms are optimising the routes & couriers for you.

  4. Track & Trace

    Follow your delivery real-time, know exactly where your courier is, share delivery details with your client via sms or email. Receive your delivery proof on your dashboard. Repeat!

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What changes for you

and your return on investment

  • No sorting center, no warehouse: all our deliveries go directly to you customers door.
  • We manage all types of goods : food, non-food, cold chain, ...
  • Keep control over your deliveries: you choose what, where and when.
  • Automate your recurring deliveries and focus on your business.
  • Get a fair price for both you and our couriers.
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