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With Shippr, opt for logistics that suits your image: flexible and daring.

It's time for your urban deliveries to become modern. At Shippr, we have a wide range of solutions combining technology and experience.

Express delivery, on-demand delivery, refrigerated or by horse carriage... Your needs are as diverse as your activities, so are our solutions. Let's prepare today your deliveries of tomorrow.

We carry all your goods
From your depots, warehouses, the edge of town or the city centre

Same-day delivery

Deliver today, tomorrow it's too late!

Same-day delivery becomes a reality throughout all sectors. Whether it is an ideal for online sales platforms or a top priority for industries such as catering or medical, this type of service is on the up and up. That's why we offer a customised service without intermediaries: one of our courier picks up your goods and delivers them directly on the same day. Less waiting, less stress, discover the new logistics norm.

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Delivery round

We care for every drop

From 1 to 999 destinations, enter your multi-drop delivery on your Shippr dashboard. Our algorithms optimise your route to get the most efficient one. Whether it's for restocking to your points of sale, distribution to your customers or collecting returnables, we, at Shippr, can optimise and manage the entire process for you. Keep control of your logistics financials with this economical and ecological solution. Recurring delivery rounds? Talk to our sales, they've got the perfect solution!

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Express delivery

Not a single second to lose!

Do you need immediate pick-up of your goods for express delivery? Do your customers require delivery within the hour? Shippr can accommodate regional express deliveries within minutes or hours. Important papers, last-minute catering, pharmaceutical delivery, medical equipment delivery, forgotten item at another place… Whatever the emergency, Shippr's shoulders are strong enough to respond. Last-minute delivery? The clock is ticking. Right this way!

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On-demand delivery

Wherever and whenever you want

Enter your delivery, choose the time, the destination and the size of your parcels: in a few minutes, the requested service is available and reserved. Shippr offers you a flexible and an on-demand offer; with no subscription or minimum required. We are committed to providing you with a smooth and seamless delivery experience, whether you need transport in two hours, two days or two months. Book your courier now on Shippr, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Last-mile delivery

Logistics to serve our cities

In urban areas, last-mile deliveries takes over heavy goods vehicles which are relegated to the outskirts of town. Merchandises reach then your customers and shops with greater transparency and efficiency than ever! These delivery solutions go hand in hand with our new urban challenges of congestion, pollution, sustainability, to get your parcels to their destination in record time. Ready to take the plunge?

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Store-to-store delivery

Transfer goods from one shop to another in just a click away

Do you need to move goods between warehouses and shops or between shops? Do you need to dispatch food from the central kitchen to different shops? We manage store-to-store delivery for you. Restocking made easy and instant with Shippr. You can fully concentrate on your activity. Our professional couriers will take care of your goods wether refrigerated, fragile or else.

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Customer return delivery

Please your customer with easy returns

Do you want to make life easier for your customers with seamless returns? No need for them to send back the reusable packaging or to organise the return delivery when using your goods or to print, stick, send an e-commerce return: Shippr handles express returns or delivery round of returns for you.

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Recurring delivery

Make rounds easier

Have you got the same recurring delivery rounds every Monday, every day or every other Thursday? Good news, we will automate it for you! Thanks to Shippr technology, it has become a piece of cake: define day, time and frequency and the Shippr platform takes care of it. No more last-minute stress, you've got our operational team online 7/7 to assist at any time.

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Ship from store

Shipping from your virtual shop

Ship a parcel from your shop after a purchase from your online shop? This is called: "ship from store" delivery. Let's automate it! You can integrate your e-shop to our delivery platform. Use the Shopify plugin or the Shippr API to plug to your online shop and take off your logistics 100% managed by Shippr. Your way of working is compatible with the Shippr platform.

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Reverse logistics

When returns are becoming a love story

Shippr already moves dirty dishes for catering companies, returnable packages for shops, the return of products e-customers were not satisfied with, etc. The management of product returns is called Reverse Logistics and is going to be crucial in the next decennia. This logistics management is increasingly seen as a standard in our current business practices: if we can send a parcel to a customer, we should also be able to pick it up and bring it back. Whether it concerns the sustainability of supply chains for retail or e-commerce, Shippr supports you in this process. Make reverse logistics one of your strengths!

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…and yet they’re satisfied
After numerous deliveries

Shippr is a young and dynamic company that provides quality service and is quickly responding.

Quentin J.
Cora Drive

Once the delivery has been encoded, you don't have to worry about anything anymore, it is always taken care of and it is always delivered on time following the instructions given. The plus: when we need it, there is always someone on the phone at Shippr to help us.

Muriel M.

With Shippr, I can follow my orders step by step. The team is responsive and quickly master the customer's needs. I appreciate their availability and professionalism, but also the human size of this company.

Muriel V.

Professional couriers
For sustainable deliveries

As a delivery platform dedicated to B2B companies, our mission is to respond to each industry to relieve you of your daily logistics hassle. For food, furnitures, medical items, fragile merchandise and many more, we offer a delivery service adapted to your activity. We work with selected professional couriers to meet these needs.

Whether they are a small independent courier company or a bigger delivery company, we only work with logistics professionals. Far from advocating a competitive rate, we base our pricing on the profitability of our partners. We are convinced that the quality of our services depends first and foremost on the satisfaction of our service providers, so we opt for a service focused on our couriers, as much as on our customers!

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Customer care, our leightmotiv

A tailored user experience

Our clients are never left alone. Our operational team is available 7/7 by phone, email and our chat. The best is: we anticipate, prevent and resolve any event that could delay or compromise the smooth running of your deliveries. We make sure your deliveries are a success, and we work, advise and optimise with you for that.

Logistics is, unfortunately, not an exact science, couriers do their best to juggle with traffic, road works or traffic incidents. Shippr algorithms do the rest: they detect problems in advance in deliveries and warn our operators. Last but not least, recipients can be late or send last-minute explanation. This is why our operational team is here: they are real customer success managers!

Call, text, chat from your shop - we are 7/7 available for you

Frequently asked questions

To use our delivery services as a professional, it is easy: create an account by clicking “Sign up”. Request a quote in just a few clicks. You will then be able to manage your deliveries with absolute autonomy via our platform.

To use Shippr, it couldn't be easier: Log in to your Shippr dashboard and start creating delivery requests. Inform what, where and when. We take care of the rest. No customer account yet? Sign up here and tell us about what you need.

Once the delivery is completed, you will see its status appearing under the mention "Delivered". Once the delivery gets the status "delivered", you can find the digital proof of delivery by the recipient. To see this, go to your profile and consult the details of your delivery order.

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